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Dec 3, 2013 5:00am PST
the increase in consumption tax scheduled for april. >> translator: society will face confusion if wages fail to increase along with the rise in prices. >> dengo will also try to improve the working conditions for nonregular workers. it plans to encourage the introduction of rurals to help convert to full-time employees. members will submit their demands to their companies and management by february. >>> japanese officials are putting together a stimulus package to drive economic growth. they plan to spend about $53 billion to counter the impact of the planned consumption tax hike. the stimulus sets aside $10 billion for japanese firms for innovative drugs and smaller firms overseas. the package also includes about $3.2 in cash payments to people whose incomes are below a certain level and it earmarks about $1.5 billion to ease the financial burden for home buyers. the government will also spend $10 billion to accelerate the recovery in fukushima and other disaster-hit areas. officials plan to finalize the measures in coming weeks. they'll compile an extra budget by mid-december to carry out
Dec 3, 2013 9:00am PST
on the indonesian island of bali. try to find a breakthrough in long running world trade tax the negotiators are attending a four day biennial ministerial session of the world trade organization attempting to save the deadlock doha round of free trade tax. indonesian president cecile mumbai new delhi also attended the opening ceremony he said the delegates need to show a strong political will to make progress. last friday morning the movie. with the logo go with you. wto director general for show us the video also expressed hope for the success of the negotiations. the field sometimes that the wto has been to a long dark night and i hope that perhaps here in bali. whew once again see the morning of the world trade organization the participants are focusing on three issues this simplification of customs procedure. agriculture and development. japanese workers could soon be rewarded with bigger salaries the nation's largest labor union federation of red eagle has decided to demand a rise in basic paid for the first time in five years. you'll meet the demand that next year's wage negotiations t
Dec 5, 2013 8:30pm PST
and of course domestic concerns continue over at the papal consumption tax hike in two thousand fourteen up weighing on investors' minds however prime minister she was odd that has repeated his government's stance that on his garden cart growth plans which he really hope so will pull the economy through so some domestic issues to focus on as well by every means the things seen a drop in the dollar where we this morning exactly especially from tuesday's local side the pairing right now. dollar yen hundred and one point eight pc to eighty five. it has talked to as i said compared to hundreds people in thirty seven inches on tuesday investors selling the dollar and concerns about the fact the scaling back its monetary easing programme and also taking profits from the recent dollar's rise against began. now all eyes are going to be on the u s jobs data released later today. euro yen the european central bank on thursday left its benchmark interest rates unchanged during and right now two hundred and thirty nine points fifteen to twenty it also slightly upgraded its outlook for growth in the reg
Dec 5, 2013 5:00am PST
negative effects the higher tax may bring. it works out to just about $54 billion. cabinet ministers are hoping the measure will help the economy keep expanding and want to support low income earners who might be affected by the tax hike. nearly $14 billion will go to sharpening japan's competitive edge. officials will use the money to promote research and development on new medicines and invest in infrastructure projects for the 2020 tokyo olympics. they've earmarked about $6 billion to people with low incomes and subsidies for home buyers. $3 billion to welfare programs. the ministers also want to speed up recovery for those hit by the march 2011 disaster. it includes $30 billion to improve reconstruction and improve disaster preparedness. it will support evacuees returning to their home near the fukushima daiichi plant. he says his top priority is reviving the economy and rebalancing the budget. >> translator: execution of these measures is needed to put the economy on a solid recovery path. >> the cabinet says the stimulus measures will boost japan's gross domestic pattern by 1%
Dec 9, 2013 5:00am PST
of the consumption tax hike next april. workers at many factories say they are receiving more orders. we also got news on the index for the business outlook. it rose 0.3 points to 54.8. that makes for the third safe monthly rise. this reflects optimistic views for the year end shopping season. the cabinet office also upgraded its economic assessment. it previously said the economy is recovering steady. many respondents do expect demand to rise ahead of the consumption tax hike but some people are already voicing concern consumption could fall after that. >>> on to the markets now, investors around the world encouraged by chinese trade data. they believe export numbers showed a pickup and the upward momentum is somewhat overshadowed of the fed may scale down its asset buying program. london down, frankfurt a gain of .1 of a percent. in asia, markets advance for the most part. tokyo's nikkei saw a 2.3% gain. that's the biggest daily advance since early september. a weaker yen boosted a wide range of shares today. also news about political happenings helped mumbai and bangkok shares. pro business pa
Dec 2, 2013 8:30pm PST
of a looming consumption tax hike and keep the economy expanding the government will raise the tax from five to eight percent in april the increase is expected to dampen demand. a job proposal for the stimulus at the side about ten billion dollars to help japanese firms compete internationally. the money will promote the development of innovative drugs and support the expansion of smaller firms overseas the package also includes about three point two billion dollars in cash payments to people whose incomes are below a certain level. and the earmarks about one and a half billion dollars to ease the financial burden for homebuyers. the government will also spend ten billion dollars to accelerate the recovery in the pre schumer and other disaster hit areas. officials plan to finalize the measures in coming weeks. i'll compile an extra budget by mid december to carry out the stimulus now let's get a check on the market. us stocks ended lower on monday after retail sales during the thanksgiving weekend fell from a year earlier the dow jones fell almost half a percent to end at sixteen thousand an
Dec 6, 2013 5:00am PST
established a fast track law. the latest development law gives some very handsome tax relief and subsidies that can go all the way up to 50%, 55% of investment compared to the sector of the area. these are major and smaller changes that render the environment a lot friendlier and welcoming to international investors. >> he says the greek government is planning to develop a port near athens and turn it into a hub for ocean transport between europe and asia. >>> all right, that is going to wrap it up for biz tonight. let's get another check of the markets. >>> u.s. defense officials are preparing to dispatch a ship to help destroy syria's chemical weapons. they say they plan to test their system next month. officials from the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons and the united nations are overseeing the destruction of the weapons. they intend to dispose more than 1,000 tons of chemical agents by the middle of next year. they plan to transport the most hazardous substances out of the country by the end of this month to destroy them at sea. pentagon officials say two chemical p
Dec 2, 2013 9:00am PST
from power in a crusading years ago. the anti tax group enjoys a one hundred and in the middle part. inside muslim areas and milk and honey and sixties monday time he said an arrest warrant for treason has been issued against the protest media format deputy prime minister to take to survive and punishment for those convicted of treason includes the death penalty on life imprisonment. attacking the opposition side is responding strongly the latest round of confrontations has reached a level not seen since the unrest of two thousand and ten. and it's still a little sign of progress that's all from bangkok. i knew. one year ago nine people died after concrete slabs fell from the ceiling of this ensemble trouble in japan's yamaguchi prefecture experts say bolts holding the slams spring and attach the accident raised questions about maintenance of japan's aging infrastructure. friends or relatives of the victims gathered on monday near the site on the two expressway be prayed silently at eight o three am the time of the accident. the victims included young people on the way home from the
Dec 9, 2013 9:00am PST
that the uncle of leader kim jong hoon has been dismissed chinese song tax served as vice chairman of the national defense commission. analysts widely seen as qantas mentor the knots on the scheme to get it done. local honey take it as he was publicly on and on and on the continent of fun playing it on hubble. who isn't looking like i'm keeping it on the potty. we think it's good enough. north korean state run television broadcasts several photos taken during the meeting in which child was sad the images include one showing him being taken away from the venue. there is korea's ruling workers party newspaper wrote on reported on monday. the party dismissed john from all posts for trying to form his own faction. that said the decision was made at a meeting in pyongyang on sunday attended by kim jong hoon. the north korean leader was reported as saying time was corrected by capitalism and indulge in a depraved lifestyle. for those even added china and undermine the party's authority over judiciary prosecution and security organizations. it said he had done serious harm to the party s
Dec 2, 2013 5:00am PST
tax hike next april. industry groups say more than 457,000 vehicles were sold last month, up 16% year on year. honda's sales surged about 48%. nissan showed a gain of more than 15% and toyota 1.5%. officials of the japan automobile dealers association say sales increased as automakers rolled out new models. they predict that the uptrend is likely to continue for a while. >>> japan's minister for negotiating the transpacific partnership free trade pact has fallen ill. he was driving to seal a deal by year end, but officials say he's likely to stay in hospital for a few days. the economic revitalization minister felt unwell on monday at a crucial juncture for the talks. amari met michael froman on sunday. amari is also in charge of new economic measures. leaders hope to finalize this week. but chief cabinet secretary suga said trade negotiations will stay their course. he said amari will give instructions from hospital. ministers regrouped on saturday for more tpp talks. officials will decide if amari attends pending more information about his condition. >>> let's check on the markets n
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10